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List of Groups Meeting Online

We will not be meeting as a large group at the building as of Sunday, March 15 based on recommendations by our president and governor limit gathers to 10. Below is a list of small groups meeting virtually. Contact group leaders to jump into discussions together throughout the week.


Eric + Shelagh Hughes

Contact Eric: 614-256-2042, [email protected]

Kyle Koppenhoefer

Contact Kyle: 614-370-4243, [email protected]

Johnnie Eagle + Chris Barney

Contact Johnnie: 740-506-3943, [email protected]

Jim + Brenda Afflito

Contact Jim: 614-326-9853, [email protected]

Clay + Carrie Davis

Contact Clay: 614-893-9023, [email protected]

John Cassell

Contact Kathy: [email protected]

Don Selvey

Contact Don: 614-746-2621, [email protected]

Scott Dunn

Contact Scott: 614-377-6314, [email protected]

Tom Burns

Contact Tom: 614-906-0782, [email protected]

Luke Harms

Contact Luke: 614-266-1692, [email protected]

Curtis Hundley

Contact Curtis: 614-813-2465, [email protected] 

Ian Miller

Contact Ian: 614-273-9827, [email protected]

Rusty Simon

Contact Rusty: 614-593-0446, [email protected]