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Week of April 21, 2019

Easter Sunday - Death to Life

Easter Sunday: Death to Life

Peace is not cheap, and it doesn’t come about by accident. Peace is the result of trusting God with outcomes in the midst of conflict, tension, and uncertainty. We'll be exploring peace with our Maker, with others and with ourselves.

This Week:


I Corinthians 15:17

I Peter 1:3-4

John 20

Luke 24:26-27

John 10:14-15

John 14:18-23

Mark 16:9

Luke 8:1-2

I Corinthians 15:3-8, 14, 20-22

New Series Starts Next Week: Fruit of the Spirit

We'll be walking through the fruits of the Spirit and talking about how exhibiting fruit is a result of abiding with Christ. We'll be sending out weekly emails with ideas for spiritual disciples of how to position ourselves to experience God's abiding love.

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