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Check here each week for new registration links for Sunday services at the building. We will be limiting occupancy to 100 people. For other details on what service will look like, please visit the COVID-19 Updates card.

This link is to register for this Sunday, August 16. Registration closes Saturday at noon.

Week of August 9, 2020

Listen to last week's message, "Encouraging" by John and Krista Cassell

NEW: We are expanding our Sunday mornings to also be able to meet in person at the building July 19 (in addition to watching at home or watching with others or your group). More details to be posted.

Our services stream Sundays at 10am. You can connect to that here.

We have encouraged our cell leaders to meet online or together with their groups during service and/or for cell group during the week. It’s important to be together, even if only for a short time. Check in with your cell leader for more info. Each group will have to navigate the best way to connect. If you don’t have a group, you can contact [email protected] or visit the Groups card on 

Current Series: Dynamic Family

This series will focus on the ingredients to strong and healthy relationships, particularly as it relates to family. Understanding that in order to have healthy relationships I must see and treat others as the Spirit leads through the command to “love [my] neighbor as [my]self”.

Find this week's slides here and Find audio of previous messages here.

Baby Dedication - during a pandemic?!

Baby Dedication in the middle of pandemic?? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! We don't yet have all the answers of how we'll carry this out, but what we do know is that we'll navigate it in a way that's both safe for you AND creates an opportunity for a valuable and meaningful experience.

The first thing we need to know is who's interested in an August Baby Dedication. SO LET US KNOW by filling out a very short form on the Events Card

Sunday, 8/16 - an informational session in some format

Sunday, 8/23 - a time of dedication

Add Flair to Our Service Countdown Video

We're curating content for our new 2-minute video countdown to Sunday service. As a way to try and feel connected, we'd love to feature YOU during the countdown. Want to create something and film yourself doing it? Have a family dance party? Draw out a favorite LCC memory? Write out scripture on a fogged-up window? Stop-motion animation? Endless possibilities. Email your videos to [email protected]

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