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Honduras February sponsor letters and 2020 Trip information.

Honduras Team Traveling end of February

We have a small group headed to Honduras to visit Pastor Marvin and our sister church in Arenales. They'll be handing out the backpacks we sent and will have an opportunity to bring letters for our sponsored kids.

“What should I write about?” Trish Sowers send on some great information that may be helpful.

  • Sponsorship is a HUGE deal for the whole family. (Imagine someone who doesn’t know you entering your life and agreeing to pay for your child’s education - Rock star material right there!). It’s not unusual for a photo of a sponsor to be hanging in a child’s home so sponsor photos are a hit. 
  • Family relationships are paramount in the culture (with maybe the exception being soccer - hehe) so telling people about your family in short, simple sentences is good. 
  • Asking the child to pray for you is important. These are often churched children. They understand the power of prayer and this gives them a way to connect with you. You can ask a child to include his or her own prayer request if a child writes back. 
  • Telling stories about traveling to visit your family would be understood. Maybe include a map to show where you traveled. Tell about who you visited and how you are related. Again, short simple sentences. 
  • If you garden, it would be a fabulous subject as most of the families rely on gardens for food. 
  • Drawing pictures or having your child draw pictures about your life would be a great, especially if your child is younger. 

Our team will be in Honduras from February 26-March 2nd. Please pray for traveling mercies, safety, effective distribution of backpacks, encouragement to the Sowers, and for God to continue to grow our relationships with the local church. 

Details to follow on when to have letters turned in (we'll be collecting at the Mission Table in the hallway).

Honduras Trip - Summer 2020

We're headed back to Honduras in the summer fo 2020 to lead a Vacation Bible School and build swing sets. It'll be a great chance to meet our sponsored kids, Pastor Marvin and the people of his community. If you're interested in being part of the trip, let us know so we can keep you updated as details are planned:

Transportation Need - ongoing

We have a couple at LCC in need of rides on Sunday morning once a month from the Grove City Area. We only have a couple drivers and need a few more to cover more weeks. If you'd be willing to help out, email Monica Matheny, our Connections Director ([email protected]).

Honduras Sponsorships

We have the opportunity to support Honduran kids. We do this by partnering with Pastor Marvin and our sister church in Arenales, Lempira, Honduras and through Sowers4Pastors. $15/month provides your child with a backpack (which we get to lovingly fill full of required school supplies), school shoes, annual medical check-up, and Bible teaching (utilizing Honduras-specific Sunday school curriculum and materials). In addition, your support will supply 2 meals per week for up to 60 other children in the Sowers' feeding programs in other parts of Lempira.

CURRENT SPONSORS: We'll have empty backpacks available on Sundays to pack for your kids. Check out this helpful list on our Life Community For Lempira Facebook page.

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Mission Wall in the Hallway - ongoing needs

Help the homeless with Hygiene Bags:

  • Gallon size Ziplock bag with any of the following: toothpaste, toothbrush, bar of soap, chapstick, razor, washcloth, travel size: shampoo, tissues, wipes, shaving cream, lotion. 
  • Snacks such as: cheese crackers, tuna pouches, peanut butter crackers, granola bars, protein bars
  • Great for doing together as a group, family or on your own.

Donate new or used Bibles to men’s prison ministry run by Rob Mitchell:

  • Rob helps lead a Bible Study sharing the Bible up to 100 men in process of being processed before serving their sentence. Some of these men spend up to 23 hours a day in their cells. The Correction Reception Center in Orient is in need of about 2000 Bibles a year.

Your Mission

Are you organizing a missions effort? We are looking to compile information about all of our missions in order to collaborate. If you're involved in any mission please let us know using the form below. We're compiling missions opportunities into an ongoing resource (visit the "Local Missions" card to see a list of ways you can help out). Click this link or the image to let us know of missions you're involved in where we can invite other LCCers to participate.