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Collecting Toothbrushes and Toothpaste, January 6+13

Mike and Sandi Miller are headed to the Philippines in January for a medical missions trip. They'll be bringing supplies with them to give to people who come into the clinic and have invited us to help. They'll be collecting:

Toothbrushes for adults and kids

Travel-sized toothpaste

Where: LCC Lobby

When: Sundays, January 6 and 13


On Sunday, September 30, we were able to host the leaders of our mission in Honduras - Allen and Trish Sowers. As you know, LCC has been very active in and with Honduras the last few months.

In July, a team of our teens and adults traveled to serve our sister church there, leading a Vacation Bible School. In the last two months, we have seen our number of sponsored children in Honduras grow to over 200 kids! Amazing!

Together, we are helping to provide food and supplies to these children. Last month we also collected backpacks for many of these children and sent them back with Allen. They will be distributed to children at the start of the new school year (in February). Amazing! In addition, last month, some of you donated funds to assist the Pastor of our sister church in obtaining a motorcycle. This will allow Pastor Marvin to travel to the villages he serves. Another Amazing! 

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