Local Missions

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Hope's Lantern

While helping meet the essential needs of children in and around our community, Hope’s Lantern's mission is to show the love of Christ. They believe that a child feels most loved when stomachs are full, clothes are warm and a parent can worry less about financial stresses.

Hope’s Lantern currently provides meals, school supplies and clothing to students in need in the Jonathan Alder School District. They have also helped provide rent, heat and Christmas gifts and dinner. No questions asked, no forms to fill out or prayer to say. Only a chance to bring Heaven to earth to those in and around the Plain City community.

Current news and needs:

Offering mentoring other groups that would like to start a similar effort

Always looking for:

  • easy mac cups (costco has big packs)
  • ravioli cans (full size)
  • peanut butter (standard size, creamy)

Meals for the Homeless

When: 4th Saturdays every other month at 3 p.m.

Where: Hoge Presbyterian Church

Are you or your group looking for ways to serve? Barry and Kathy Schieferstein have been serving food for the homeless at Hoge Presbyterian Church 4th Saturdays of every other month and are inviting others to join with them.

Would you be interested in:

  1. praying for the Schiefersteins and those they serve
  2. donating food or money for dinners
  3. cooking and serving food during dinners

Email Kathy if you have any interest in this mission: [email protected]

International Friendships, Inc.

International Friendships, Inc (IFI) is a registered Ohio State University student group and Christian community organization that partners with Christians in churches. Through IFI you, your family, and your cell group can do missions’ work without leaving Ohio. Volunteers welcome, show hospitality, and befriend students, scholars and family members from all over the world by providing English help, short homestays, rides from the airport, holiday meals, and food for events and Bible discussion groups.  

IFI provides a training to equip you for ministry. For more info and to get started, please visit: ifipartners.org/get-started or email Leila at: [email protected]

Sponsor a Child in Honduras

We’ve had an amazing response from our LCC Family members who currently sponsor children in Honduras. If you’re curious about the sponsorship or would like to sponsor a child yourself, head over here for more information.

We have partnered with Allen and Trish Sowers in Honduras as they train local pastors and support the local schools. Look for ways throughout the year you can specifically help out with their ministry. And stay up to day with all that goes on with Sowers4Pastors over on their blog.

Looking for More?

We have an ongoing and updated resource you can check out including other missions opportunities not listed above. Click the button to view and download it.