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From Dan, Lead Pastor

Someone raised a question that I thought would be a good thing to process with you: “When are we thinking of hiring a new cell pastor?” 

It seems as though every question today can be answered in two ways - now and post-COVID. I’ll do my best to describe how God is moving in our leadership team (and in me) as we move ahead towards an uncertain future. I say “uncertain”, because we just don’t know how long COVID and its effects will last or how it will ultimately change the church. The only thing most of us can agree on is that change is a certainty - the church will not go back to doing things as before. And that’s really exciting to us! 

As you know, we have two wings in our church - our collective wing which meets on Sundays and our cell wing. We strongly believe in this biblical model, and have been consistent in this since LCC started.

We believe now more than ever in cell life and are placing much of our time and energy there. Our team believes this is an important time to move deeper into the cell life wing. It has always been a priority, but more is needed.

  • Cell life is the place where transformation happens - where our hearts change as they come into contact with the word of God, the Holy Spirit, and other followers of Jesus.
  • That dynamic is where we live out the "one anothers" (love, care, encourage, admonish, etc.) of the Bible with our brothers and sisters.

Though it is possible for these to come out of the collective Sunday morning wing, it is rare. Unfortunately, many Christ followers come to the collective Sunday morning experience but neglect or ignore the need to be loving others in community. For this reason, we find ourselves moving further towards investing in our cell area. We invest much (communication, time, staffing, finances) into our Sunday morning collective time. And we love that time together. But we want to invest in the area (cell wing) we feel is VITAL to our discipleship. 

Here’s some of what has come and is coming in our cell wing:

  • The cell life wing is more likely to thrive if the lead pastor has skin in the game. We saw this in the early journey of our church. We think it’s still true today. And so I’m investing there. 
  • The cell life wing is more likely to thrive if the elder team has skin in the game. We have pivoted - our elder team has become cell coaches, shepherding our cell leaders and groups at LCC. This change takes time, but we are off to a good start.  
  • The cell life wing is more likely to thrive if our staff has skin in the game. Our staff are all involved in the cell wing personally. We are looking to pivot our roles and invest deeper in groups. This is a bigger change because most of our staff is engaged in the collective Sunday morning wing. We have functioned that way for a long time. Our staff times are now becoming more centered around our transformation and how we can grow group life. 

This brings us back to the original question: When are we going to hire a new cell pastor?

When we had the change of staffing in November 2019, our leadership team felt it was important to step back, pray, and evaluate our cell ministry. We didn’t want to rush into just hiring someone. (I think God was looking out for us in this as well). One of the consequences of hiring a “groups” pastor is that a cell area of ministry can become silo’d off to one person. We are in favor of our entire team being turned toward our groups and investing there.  

Having said that, earlier this year we did build into our budget (for January of 2021) some funds for staffing in our groups area. We’re just rethinking how that can look and unfortunately, COVID has affected our finances and both of our wings as a church. So to answer the original question - we are not looking to hire a cell pastor as before at this time.  

But the exciting news is that God has given us this time to re-center on who He has called us to be. And we’re really excited about it. And we’re learning each day because He is always doing new things. “New things” means we don’t have the answers all the time; but He does. And so we come along for the journey of risk and faith. 

I hope you are excited as I am to see where He’s going to take us. 

In Christ, 


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Ian Miller

In person - location rotates

Meets during service and after


[email protected]

Luke Harms

In-person - backyards, location TBD



[email protected]


Kyle Koppenhoefer


[email protected]

Chris Barney and Johnnie Eagle

In-person - outdoors if not raining. Children sometimes come too, rotates in Hilliard

7:00 p.m.

Chris - 614-345-8135

Johnny -740-506-3943

Shelagh Hughes

In-person, outside when possible - Delaware, also rotates in Columbus

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.


[email protected]


Jim Afflitto

Virtual - Zoom

7:00 p.m.


[email protected]

Scott Dunn

In-person - Hilliard


[email protected]

Clay Davis

In-person - Hilliard, but currently rotates between Grove City and UA in outdoor spaces. 


[email protected]

Tom Burns

In-person, outdoors if possible - North side of town, sometimes Hilliard

7:00 p.m. (sometimes earlier)

[email protected]

Tony and Kayla Giovarelli

In-person (Young adults group) at the church

7:00 p.m.



John Cassell

In-person, outside when possible - NW Columbus/Hilliard


[email protected]

Jonathan Hartzell

In person - Hilliard


[email protected]


Don Selvey

In person and Virtual (Zoom) - rotates in Hilliard, Dublin and Marysville

7:00 p.m.


[email protected]


Curtis Hundley

Virtual (Zoom)


[email protected]