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This week's notes

May 13, 2018

Worship 167

Speaker: Tom Burns

Welcome: What is something you are looking forward to this summer?


Set the Tone:

Life is an ongoing and continuous string of either saying 'yes' to Jesus or 'no' to Jesus. 

Worship is not contained in a 1-hour experience during the week, but it is a reality that invades all of life. Tonight we want to evaluate how we are doing at making worship a regular part of life.


Read Colossians 3:17 

How do you apply this verse to your life? What does it look like to do this on a practical level?

Read Romans 12:1

How do you present your body day to day in your world as a sacrifice to Christ?

Read I Cor. 10:23-24, 31-33

How do these verses shed more light on what it means to worship all the time?

Read Hebrews 13:9-16

How is doing good to others an act of service? Do you tend to see it that way?


When you look at your way of life, your routines and values, what would you say are the main truths that seem to occupy your attention and energy?

What periods of time during your typical week do you find it most difficult to focus your attention and worship on God? 

 Why do you think this is? 

 How might you combat this?

What is something you need to do different right now to make worship of Christ more of a focus in your day to day life? 

What do you need to say yes to? 

What do you need to say no to?