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October 14, 2018

Unchained: Exodus 1

Speaker: Tom Burns

Note: This series on Exodus is going to be working through the first 17 chapters of Exodus, more or less chapter by chapter each week. This would be a great series to possibly do some inductive Bible Study teaching with your group, teaching your group how to read and study the Bible. This might be a good series to let your Word person take the lead. 

Welcome: What is a favorite OT Bible character that you like or appreciate? Why? Do you think this character touches your metanarrative (Big Story) somehow?

Set the Tone: Tonight we are going to look at Exodus 1 together and seek to understand how God is speaking to us through this passage.

Word: Read Exodus 1

Who are the main characters in this passage?

What is happening in the history of Israel at this point?

Where is this happening?

When is this happening? (Look at context)

How is this passage organized? What is the climax? Where does it pivot?

Why do you think this was written down? (What would the original readers get out of this passage?)

What other observations do you take away from this passage?

How would you summarize the content of this passage?

In trying to understand this passage, what of this passage is local, meaning for the original audience to read and understand?

What timeless principles or ideas emerge out of this passage for us to apply to our lives now?

One Another:

How do you relate your story to the beginning of this story?

What is this passage telling us about how we should live today?

How have you seen God use bondage in your life to help you grow?

In what ways do you find yourself in bondage? What does that mean today?

What do you tend to do in the midst of your bondage?

What does patience look like in your life as you deal with bondage?


Is there a new path that you believe God is asking you to take right now in the midst of your bondage? What does that path look like? How do you envision being able to walk that path?

What is the next decision you need to make in regards to that?

Is there a cost to making this change in your life? 

Are you willing to pay that cost?