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June 23, 2019

Fruit of The Spirit: Self-Control

Speaker: Scott Dunn

Welcome:  What is a food that you would be willing to eat every day of your life?

Set the Tone: We are going to talk about self- control tonight. A discipline that pretty directly relates to that is the discipline of fasting. In what ways have you fasted in the past? What has happened when you have fasted? 

Reflect on the Word/Life:

What do you think the Bible means by self-control? How do you understand what it means?

How do you see Joseph, David and Daniel exhibiting self-control?

According to the Scriptures, what gave them the ability to exhibit control?

What are some ways you easily exhibit self-control? Why are those areas easy for you?

Scott said on Sunday that Spirit controlled self-control is interactive, aware, moderating, and comprehensive. How do you relate to each of those ideas? How do you experience the Holy Spirit and temptation in your life?

What do you find helps you not give in to temptation?

What helps you when you are tempted? What doesn’t help you?


What kind of wrong thinking or wrong beliefs tend to grab you and send you down the wrong path? (Perfectionism, people pleasing, self-condemnation, etc.)

What do you think it looks like to capture those thoughts and present them to Christ and allow Him to bring healing?

Can you envision putting into place a process in your life where you deal more directly with the root issues in your heart? What would that process look like? How can you begin to do that more regularly?