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April 21, 2019

Easter Sunday: From Death to Life

Speaker: Dan Burmeister

Welcome: What kind of Easter traditions did you grow up with or have you implemented in your family?

Set The Tone: Tonight as we gather, I want to start with two questions to get us started.

1. Why is it easier to look for a formula or recipe to make life work?

2. Describe a picture of what it looks like to offer one another Jesus instead of a formula? 

Reflect on the Word/Life:

How would you briefly define the gospel?

Is your experience more that the gospel applies to all of life, or just certain aspects/portions? How do you think that belief has come about?

Read I Cor. 15:3-11

What are the elements of the gospel that Paul lists here?

He says the gospel is of first importance. Why do you think he says that?

How did the good news change Paul?

How would you say the gospel has changed your life?

In some ways we all struggle to believe the gospel and don’t fully trust God for certain areas of our lives. What are some areas of your life where you struggle to fully trust God?


What kind of lies, accusations and temptations do you battle day to day in your life? What lies do you believe about what makes your life secure? What makes it significant?

How might believing the gospel and Jesus more fully enable you to deal with these issues in your life?

How do you go about changing what you believe? How can you apply the gospel more fully to these areas?