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March 18, 2018

Resurrection Living Week 1

Speaker: Tom Burns

Welcome: What are some Easter traditions that you do now or ones that you did growing up?

Set The Tone: Tonight we want to wrestle with the Creed that Paul puts forth in I Corinthians 15. How does this creed impact our lives today? 

Word: Read I Corinthians 15:1-11

Paul make the statement that:

The gospel is received, it is something you stand in, and it is something by which you are being saved.

How do you understand those three concepts?

How do you apply those concepts to your life now?

Have you considered the idea that salvation has three tenses to it, a past, present and future? How do you make sense of that?

What does it make you think that the creed is something Paul had received?

What is significant about each part of the creed?

What difference did the creed make in Paul’s life?


 Christ died for my sin - Do I still acknowledge my sin? Not just the past stuff, but the sin that I still am being saved from. (vs 2) And I cannot do anything about my sin, it can only be solved by the work of Christ on the cross.

Christ rose from the grave - Do I still believe that God is overcoming sin and the consequence of death?

Christ appeared to many - Do I take the reality of the resurrection with me into my world? Do I show Christ to others? Continuing the pattern he started by appearing to many?