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October 13, 2019

Adventum: A Ready Witness Week 2

Speaker: Tom Burns (and others)


What is an activity you like to do, that would be something you could invite others to join you at doing?

Set The Tone: The Gospel of Christ calls us to be active in trying to share the love of Christ. This happens in two ways, one we demonstrate the gospel by loving and serving others, two we must proclaim the gospel message as well. Both of these processes require prayer, strategic thinking and intentionality. Tonight we want to talk about where we are at in this process personally.

As we get started tonight let’s read Psalm 96, which tells us to be a people that declare the greatness of the Lord to all the nations.

Reflect on the Word/Life:

Read Acts 1:1-8

We heard people on Sunday morning share their personal stories regarding evangelism and being a witness. 

Which of these stories impacted you the most and why?

When you think of sharing your faith, what comes to mind?

What is hard about this? What is easy?

What motivates you to share your faith?

What demotivates you to share your faith?


Let’s take a few minutes to talk about the different circles we run in that allow us to rub shoulders with people who don’t know Christ.

Now as you look at those circles, who are specific people that you know?

Is there some way you think God is calling you to expand your circles?

What are some next practical steps you could take individually to build into these people’s lives?

What are some next steps we could take as a group to get better at witnessing?

Let’s spend some time tonight praying for our friends who don’t know Christ.