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This week's notes

August 12, 2018

Transformed by Christ

Speaker: Tom Burns

Welcome: What is one of your favorite hobbies that you love to invest in and keep learning more about?

Set The Tone: Tonight we want to talk about what it looks like in practical ways to support each other through the ups and downs of life.

Word: Read Romans 15:1-13

Who are the weak?

Who are the strong?

What is the purpose of the Scriptures according to this passage?

What do you think it means to accept one another as Christ has accepted you?

One Another:

When have you been weak and needed someone to be strong for you?

How have you supported someone when they have been in a weaker position?

What does it look like to join someone in their pain?

What does hope look like in the midst of pain?


Can you think of ways we as a group can get better at supporting each other?

What do we need to do differently/better?

What would that require of each one of us?