What's Happening?

Current and upcoming events.

Dinners of 8, June 18-24

Summertime is the perfect time to get together to eat some food. Get together with 7 other LCCers sometime during June 18-24, bring a dish and enjoy a time of getting to know one another for a few hours. 

This time we're opening it up to Picnics of 8, Ice Cream of 8, you name it of 8!

Look for sign-ups in the lobby beginning June 3.

HeartSong Visiting, July 1

We are very much looking forward to having Cedarville's worship ministry, HeartSong, with us for worship on Sunday, July 1. Take a listen to their new live album, Foundations.

Guest Reception, July 15 following service

Newer to LCC and want to meet other people and find out how you can get plugged in around here? We want to say ‘hi’ and get to know you! Join us after service in the Cafe for tasty treats and smiling faces wanting to say ‘hi’ back.