Step 2

ATTEND PARENT ORIENTATION on the date you signed-up for when you registered.  

Leading up to the Baby Dedication Celebration we invite you to attend the BabyD Parent Orientation session that you selected when you registered. Don’t forget to be working on the parenting talks and homework leading up to this. If you don’t get them completely finished before orientation, that’s okay. They aren’t officially due until the day of your Baby Dedication Celebration.  

BabyD Parent Orientation lasts about 20 minutes. During our time together we will introduce you to Kids' Life and talk about the homework assignments from the parenting talks. You will also receive the information you need to finalize your registration for our Baby Dedication Celebration. We’ll review a bunch of details with you about the Baby Dedication Celebration event and we'll be ready to answer your questions too, so bring those along!

Unless you are a single parent, we ask that both parents attend this orientation.

We’ll cover frequently asked questions and more, but here they are in advance in case you’d like to take a look.