Resources for the 90-Day Spiritual Journey

Before I Go to Cell Group (Action Step for Week of October 27):

Before I Go to Cell Group - Dan Burmeister, Lead Pastor

On Mission Week - November 17-23 (click for details)

S.H.A.P.E. Test (Action Step for Week of October 20):

This is a test to help us each discover God’s purpose for us. This test takes 20-40 minutes.

At the end of the test, there’s a place to “email the address of your church leader”. This is optional, but we’d love for you to let us know your gifts as well. You can fill in [email protected] for this address. It will go to our connections director Monica Matheny. Again, this is optional. 

We hope this is a useful tool to help you along in the journey. 

Sphere of Influence (Action Step for Week of October 13):

“Sphere of Influence”

Jesus has asked all of us to be ready to share His good news of forgiveness with those we encounter in daily life. Who are those people in your life? When was the last time God brought to mind an opportunity to deliver that news?

1. Spend time thinking about the people you interact with in your everyday life. Who are they? Where do you encounter them? What’s your level of interaction with them?

2. Write down 5 people who come to mind and where they are in your life (work, kid’s activity, restaurant, bank, neighborhood, etc.)

3. Write down one of the names and an action step to pursue that person this week.

4. Pray for that opportunity now. Ask God to give you the courage to take a step.

We have copies of the Adventum guide available at the Welcome Desk on Sunday mornings.

Find digital copies of book sections here as they become available (or have them emailed to you using the form below):

Adventum Introduction

Adventum Prep Questions - September 10

Week 1 - A Ready Heart - September 15

Week 2 - A Ready Heart - September 22

Week 3 - A Ready Heart - September 29

Week 4 - A Ready Witness - October 6

Week 5 - A Ready Witness - October 13

Week 6 - A Ready Community - October 20

Week 7 - A Ready Community - October 27

Week 8 - A Ready Community - November 3

Week 9 - A Ready Hand - November 10

Week 10 - A Ready Hand - November 17

Week 11 - A Ready Hand - November 24

Week 12 - A Ready World - December 1

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