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This week's notes

October 22, 2017

God at Work Part 3

Speaker: Tom Burns

Welcome: What would be a dream job for you?

Worship: Play the worship song “Christ is Enough”

Set The Tone: We live in a type of exile as we await the return of Christ and as we live in this condition we are called to work. Tonight we want to focus on how work is in the process of being restored by God’s grace. 

Word/One Another:

  • Which of these three do you feel most accurately represents your current work situation? are you trapped in a bad situation? Does your work feel pointless or futile? Or does your work in many ways feel to be rewarding and enjoyable?
  • If you're trapped in a bad situation, what has you trapped? What do you feel that the situation is so bad?
  • If your work feels pointless, what about makes it seem that way?
  • If your work is rewarding, what makes it so?
  • No matter what your work may be, describe how it impacts others, either those far or near. In what way(s) do other flourish because you are doing your work?
  • What sort of thing would make your work so bad that you would be forced to leave it?  
  • If you were to leave your work, what potential negative impact would that have? Both for you and for those around you?
  • Jeremiah 29:1-7:
  • If this world is not our home, how are we exiles like the Israelite's in Babylon?
  • If this is also the case (that we are exiles), how is our work similar to the work of the Israelite's in Babylon?
  • How does our work help "the city" flourish?


  • What would it look like for you to invest in the good of the world that you live in as an exile?
  • Let’s go around and have each of us share a way we need prayer when it comes to our work situation, whether that be a job or some other place in our lives where we work but are struggling to see God’s hand in it.